Payment methods

Payment Methods

At you can choose between different payment methods. Simply choose the one that is most convenient and easiest for you. (Creditworthiness presupposed)


PayPal is the online payment service with which you can pay securely, easily and quickly - and the PayPal account costs you nothing.

Your bank or credit card details are only stored with PayPal. That's why they're not sent over the Internet every time you shop online - that makes PayPal payments extra secure. You also pay very simply with two clicks. Because you access your PayPal deposited bank or credit card data, instead of entering them with each purchase again. In addition, your goods usually arrive earlier because PayPal payments arrive at the shop at the same time. The seller can then send the goods immediately and you usually receive them earlier.

By the way: PayPal enjoys great trust among buyers and sellers.
Every fifth online buyer in Germany already has a PayPal account and there are over 150 million accounts in 190 countries worldwide.

Open a free PayPal account and link it to your bank account or credit card - then your next purchase at will be even easier.

For more Information about PayPal, visit

Amazon Payment

With Amazon Payments, you can use the payment and shipping information stored in your Amazon account to shop quickly and securely on all websites that support Amazon payment.

Shop securely with information stored in your Amazon account on all sites that support Amazon payment. Your transactions are secure and payment information is not shared with sellers.

Enjoy the buyer protection Amazon offers with the A-to-Z Guarantee. If you use Amazon to pay, Amazon with the A-bis-z Guarantee stands straight for the condition of the purchased goods (except gift cards) and the speedy delivery.

Complete your purchases quickly without having to re-enter your shipping or payment information each time. Pay quickly and easily without leaving the seller's website.

Pay via Amazon gives you the same familiar payment environment as Amazon.

Prepayment / Bank transfer

The prepayment by bank transfer is rewarded with -2% discount. The discount amount will be deducted directly in the order process after selecting this payment method.

Our bank details:

Account holder: BOLK e-commerce GmbH
Bank: Commerzbank AG, Branch D-52152 Simmerath / Kr. Aachen, Rathausplatz 8-14

IBAN: DE28390400130641638200

Please note this:

If you use online banking, please do not forget to enter your customer number, order number or invoice number in the intended purpose of the entry mask. It is best to wait for the order confirmation by email with your individual purpose of use.

Please do not send us cash or cheques. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any liability in the event of loss.

Credit Card

At you can also pay online with your Mastercard or Visacard. We attach great importance to data security. Because the SSL encryption, as we use it, also offers you a maximum of security when paying by credit card on the Internet: All order and credit card data are only transmitted encrypted with this procedure.

If you would like to pay for your order with your credit card, simply select "credit card" as the payment method in the order process. In the next step, please enter the following credit card details:

Card type (Mastercard or Visa)
card number
Check digit (back of card in signature field, last 3 digits)

The check digit is a three-digit number on the back of your credit card, which enhances payment security on the Internet.


We would like to introduce... MasterCard® SecureCode™ is a new service from MasterCard and your card issuer that gives you extra security for online purchases. There is no need to request a new MasterCard or Maestro® card. You choose your personal code yourself and it will never be communicated to the merchant. A private code means additional protection against misuse of your credit and debit card when you shop online.

Every time you shop online with your MasterCard or Maestro card at a participating retailer, a window appears from your card issuer asking for your personal SecureCode, just like your bank does at an ATM. Within seconds, the card issuer will verify your identity and let you complete your purchase.

For more information on MasterCard SecureCode, please visit


More security when buying online
Verified by Visa is a new service that gives you added security when shopping online.

With Verified by Visa, you can confirm your identity to get more protection when shopping online. It's convenient and you can use your existing Visa credit card to do it. You register your card only once with your credit card issuer and choose a personal, individual password.

It's very simple: Whenever you shop online at a participating merchant, a window of your card issuer appears. You enter your password here. Your identity will be verified and the purchase will be secure.

For more information or to activate Verified by Visa, please contact your card issuer/bank.

American Express

Collect Loyalty Points - easily by using your American Express Card

Reward yourself. For every one of your expenses, every day. The more often you pay with your American Express card, the faster you will receive your desired premium. Whether in the supermarket, when filling up your tank, on holiday or shopping, wherever you pay with your American Express card, you automatically collect valuable Membership Rewards points.


DIRECTebanking is the direct transfer method of Sofort GmbH. Since 2014, Sofort GmbH is part of the Klarna Group.
With Sofortüberweisung, you conveniently make a transfer for the respective amount into your online banking account while you are still placing your order. The merchant receives a real-time confirmation after completing the Sofortüberweisung. This allows him to ship stock goods and digital goods immediately - you will then receive your purchases faster.

Sofortüberweisung meets the high security standards of online banking. You do not need to register nor do you need a credit card. With Sofortüberweisung you pay easily, securely and quickly directly with your online bank account. The input of the online banking access data such as your PIN and the transaction-related TAN takes place in the secure payment form of Sofort GmbH. This payment method ensures that the merchant does not come into contact with your sensitive data (such as PIN and TAN). Sofort GmbH itself does not store sensitive data such as PIN and TAN and only carries out the transaction as a technical payment service provider.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Fast delivery of stock goods and digital goods
  • Convenient without registration
  • Login with the familiar online banking account data
  • Payment without credit card
  • Secure two-step authentication method (PIN/TAN)
  • Many price advantages at partner shops
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