Iron Annie

Iron Annie watches

The IRON ANNIE watch collection

is a tribute to the dream of flying and the JU 52 known as "Iron Annie". The watches are known for their robustness, reliability, technical innovation and excellent workmanship by highly qualified watchmakers in Germany   read more

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The IRON ANNIE watch series are reminiscent of aviation milestones: The Ju 52, then called "Iron Annie", was considered the safest aircraft in its day. The "Iron Annie" watch collection also stands for reliability and technical innovation. The "Edition Bauhaus 1" recalls the reduced and clear Bauhaus design, an architecture that is regarded as a myth of modernity. The "Classic Collection" exudes the elegance and casualness of the 60s - charming in detail and stylish in appearance. Each IRON ANNIE watch tells its own story about flying.

Every IRON ANNIE watch also stands for longevity, robustness and eye-catching design - just like the famous corrugated iron aviators. Only high-quality materials and movements find their way into an IRON ANNIE watch.

Let yourself be enchanted by this exciting era in aviation history: Order your IRON ANNIE watch in our convenient online watch shop on account!

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