Return & Exchange

Return and exchange

Shopping without risk, no problem with us! Due to the legally anchored revocation on the right, you can also return goods that you do not like as originally thought. Read below what you should consider in case of a return.


Please do not treat our goods that you wish to return as your property in order to avoid deterioration of the new condition.

Already when opening the packaging you can avoid a damage of the dispatch, and product packaging or the product itself by careful unpacking. This applies especially to larger objects such as watch winders and watch boxes, because to return these items safely it is best to use the original packaging.

Leave e.g. protective foils on the watch, band or the jewellery part and do not remove these if possible. Do not use goods that you will probably send back for a longer period of time. For example, we would have to have leather straps changed after a short wearing time for hygienic reasons. Steel straps can already be seen on polished surfaces very quickly first surface scratches, this must be laboriously polished or replaced to not disappoint the next customer.

Mechanical watches, which you would like to test for accuracy, should be tested e.g. in a watch winder, a watchmaker's timegrapher or by manual winding, and not by "trial wearing" on the wrist.

We thank you for your attention and caution in this regard and appreciate this very much!


Please note the following points when returning goods:

  • Pack the item you wish to return completely and together with any accessories that may be included. To avoid damage in transit, we recommend that you use the original packaging.
  • Insert the completed sample revocation form (the revocation period is 30 days), which you can download here, into the package as well. This will speed up any refunds or exchanges considerably.
  • It is up to you which service provider you choose for the return shipment. Hermes or DHL is used by our customers in most cases. In your own interest, please make sure that the shipment is insured and traceable (insured package).


    Please avoid freight forward returns, the resulting costs (currently 15.00 euros at DHL) we will charge for a refund!

You would like to return one or more articles, but would like to receive one or more other articles? Please note your wishes on the return form which you can download here. With BOLK e-commerce GmbH an exchange into other commodity is possible also beyond the 14-day right of revocation within 30 days after distribution, if it concerns unworn commodity. This regulation does not represent a restriction of your rights as a consumer, but an extension of those.

If in case of an exchange an additional payment is necessary (new goods are more expensive than the returned ones), a service employee will inform you as soon as the return has reached us.


In order for us to be able to refund credits quickly, it is important that you state your complete bank details including BIC and IBAN on the revocation form.

Please make every effort to ensure that the spelling is legible, especially in connection with the bank details.

Only if you do not have a bank account can we send you a cheque in exceptional cases.

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